Lost his legs at 6, but now he’s Unbreakable!

At the age of 6 years old Kacey McCallister was involved in an accident with a tanker truck and as a result, had to have both of his legs amputated.

After the accident, Kacey decided that he was still capable of unimaginable things!

As a Spartan racer I know how difficult most of the obstacles in a 21km (13 Mile) Spartan Beast Race are… especially considering their are 30+ along your half marathon distance through completely unappealing terrain!

The video below from Kacey’s YouTube channel ‘RISE UP’ reduced me quite simply to tears and I wanted to share his story with people.

Testament to everything it means to be a Spartan in mindset and physicality, Kacey also shows us how valuable it is to just bet on yourself! Forget what other peoples perceptions of you are and get busy loving who you truly are within.

Let this inspiration guide you through your days this week!

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