A While Away

Feels like a long one this lock down…

The days have blurred into one long endurance event. Trying to maintain some semblance of normal seems to be the going concern for most, others sit in denial and there’s another contingent loving life. Some are even already on holiday already, replacing memories as if nothing ever happened.

But quite a bit happened. In fact it’s been a rather erratic time to be fair.

However, there’s no point in dredging through the negative. It’s time to consider the other side.

It’s bigger than just ‘back to work’ at this point. It’s about how we live.

Many will have considered their lot in life during this time, they’ll have taken stock of their emotional assets and attempted to weigh and measure themselves to define worth. Many will have decided that they’re void of fulfilment, left wanting; others will have changed their lives completely.

Now, I would love to reveal all the secrets of life, but unfortunately I’m not a guru and I’m not proclaiming to be a thought leader. I consider myself a do’er.

The path is undefined for most of us because we have the flexibility of mind to want for more and we have the ability to cultivate that. And when I look back on those I spent my younger years with, I find the most contented seem to be those who just followed their dreams as far as they could take them. Whether that resulted in their original end gain or not.

At the moment, there’s a pang of dread in the air. The masses concerned that they have to return to the office, the store, or the warehouse they once worked readily. There’s been a distinct freedom amongst the hardship of the last several months…

So what does it mean for you? I told you I wasn’t the guy with all the answers, I’m simply trying to find my way to a lifestyle balance like everyone else. Being more organised, innovating little elements of my life, in the hope that they’ll culminate in something wider.

One thing’s for sure, I have found the ability to continually question what I want. That’s been the most valuable for me. I really feel at this point deep down that my gut instincts are those to pay heed to. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t!

So, before all this ends and you fall back into the ‘mill of life’ take a step back and get some new perspective.

  • What do you want?
  • What do you wish to achieve?
  • Does any of that actually mean anything?
  • Would you do it for free if there was no money in it?

If you really ask yourself some of the above. Perhaps you can change the state of play?


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