Music… and How it’s Healing Me…

I recently settled down in terms of my working life and wanted to focus a bit more on being creative and getting back to performing in some way.

Every guy wants to be a rock star, so I’ve always dabbled as a drifting nomadic front man, but never really had a band per say… Not one that really stood the test of time anyway…

But in the last 3 months when I’ve had a spare day I’ve been working with a new group of guys to build a new band called Reckless Therapy, with a focus on using music in defiance of my mental issues, also donating money back to vocational mental health charities as we grow.

It really has meant I’ve turned a corner and learnt more about myself in the lyrics I’m writing daily… It’s funny how something that flows organically onto paper can trigger something you didn’t even realise was there…

I’ve always used music to help me shape my energy and mood but this feels different. I can’t wait to kick off our gigs this year and see how far this journey of self discovery can take us all!

Check out some of our practise sessions on our YouTube Channel


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