The Overnight Millionaire… A Tale of Rags, to Slightly Better Looking Rags… And the Unknown…

I haven’t written a blog for a while. I hate those annoying human beings who think you need to know everything that’s going on, every day of their lives, when in fact it just waters down the quality of their writing and they wonder why no one takes interest after a while…

Not that I’m expecting you to take interest…

The a fore mentioned in mind I tend to try and write either when I’m really down about something and I want to understand it, or when I feel motivated to say something, neither of these things have motivated me to the point in a little while.

I guess you lose track of whats going on in your mind from time to time and you take on a sort of autopilot, coasting through the ether of life without the definition that you eventually hope to find, yet constantly seek.

But as the procrastination surrounding inspiration wains, I find myself slowly evolving into the sustainable beast that I’ve tried to achieve in myself for so many years now. I’m at that point where I’m so swept away and buoyed by the positivity of one success, to another that I’m becoming like a magnet for opportunity and not the shit opportunities might I add…

It appears of late that the snowball effect has taken place and is ever advancing. I started attempting to be a yes man, ridding myself of the social laziness that was taking a grip and allowing myself to advance beyond the realms of my anxiety and just accept offers that I may not have done before, the dinners, the events, the networking, the sport and it’s all starting to come to fruition with no real sign of slowing down.

To explain all of the elements in detail would probably just make me sound self-righteous and narcissistic, but lets just say that I now have enough irons in the fire that if only a small proportion of them follow through, I will become seriously wealthy and if they all come off, then whatever I focus on next will be unstoppable. currently my biggest opportunity would net me £1million! Absolute madness if you look at the scruffy boy that began the journey and that’s 1 deal of a good 20 or more that I’m developing as we speak…

But the beauty of all this, is not the money in the bank, it’s the potential. I know my sisters won’t have to want for anything, I know that my son will have a legacy to uphold, something I could never have imagined for myself personally and I can focus on teaching him the true value of money and not the flippant elements I held to in my youth.

If you put £1million in my bank today, I can’t really think of anything that I truly need… but 14 years ago before I started my business I’d have spent it on girls and things… no specific things, but probably lots of crap…

In grafting throughout those years, travelling the world, understanding that my being poor was on no level a comparison against the poverty I’ve seen in countries like Cambodia, India and beyond, I just lost my drive for money as a whole. I began to realise that there was more to life; and there is.

What do I want ultimately, I want to help people.

I never saw myself as successful by traditional standards, but I have a pure heart in the sense that I just genuinely care about people, so outside my failings over time, I’ve held on to the fact in my mind that I am a good guy and that I don’t want any being to hurt. I say being because on an emotive level I’m as connected to animals as I am humans.

The more I see people tread on those around them, or stare down their nose, the more valuable these attributes that I possess become to me. I often say to people, “you can have millions of £’s in the bank, but if you’re a dick, you’re still a dick!” and I will ensure that I don’t become that individual as my fiscal and mental wealth evolve over time.

But the most valuable asset to my developing success is the peace of mind… I don’t want to be sat on a yacht with a bunch of half naked ladies, I get excited by the concept of businesses…

I never wanted to be a businessman of any kind, I thought it was mundane and trust me I’ve definitely done a lot of the mundane to get to where I am now, but what I realised as I grew up and was forced to work for someone, or run my own ship, was that I’m a facilitator, I’m the guy you trust because he see’s something that it could take others a lifetime to see. I have no discernible qualifications in business or anything that surrounds my actual role, but I’m surpassing people with multiple degrees who’ve done what they do for years and that all comes down to energy and foresight.

I don’t say this to blow my own trumpet but some very very “successful” business people have said to me on a number of occasions “Thomas, I don’t even know why I want to help you, but there’s something about your energy and focus that just makes me feel that we need to do something together” and the more evolved my understanding of business becomes, the more I realise what a finite commodity that is.

You pay an employee to do a job, but their mind’s somewhere else… You pay a Director or CEO to run a big team and their focus is on feathering their nest before the next role… If you don’t capture someone’s heart that you’ll only ever get their autopilot setting and with me, though it’s been to my detriment for many years, I now only take on projects that excite me, so when you hire me you get every ounce of my being…

I’ve been sat in roles where others have just been skimming money month in, month out, without really delivering anything and just the thought of never really driving change, pisses me off to the point that I can’t do it. I’d be so bored emotionally just taking a fat consulting wage every month without innovation that I can’t push myself past that point inside my mind.

People have told me on many an occasion, why don’t you just take the money for a year and then do something with it… My answer is always the same, because why waste a year when I don’t want to do it… I’ve had opportunities for £100,000+ basic wages with vast % of commission on pharma deals worth millions, but I couldn’t bring myself to create an uplift in sales of breast implants, or toothpaste, it’s just not in me and although I could have made my way doing it, I’d just rather be poor and happy, doing something I enjoy.

I’m not even really sure why I’m telling you all this, I guess at the crux of it, that point is that if you’re not doing something that makes you feel tingly inside then whats the point? If you quit your job tomorrow the biggest fear would be whether you can afford to live another month or two without more wages… I have friends who earn £15,000 per annum who would worry about this and I have friends who are worth millions £’s and would still worry, because for the most part we get trapped in this cycle of spending beyond our means, which ensures that we become trapped in the wheel of life, because our house supersedes our means, our car gets more expensive, and so forth.

But if you stop to think about it there’s another element to dropping something that doesn’t make you whole…

There’s the unknown… and the unknown is the most powerful force of all. If you live by what you dealt with in the past, you will always be trapped there, if you focus beyond tomorrow too far then you’ll never arrive, you’ll never be successful enough to meet your own standard, but if you quit your job tomorrow and seriously thought about what you want in life irrespective of money, or societally defined success, then the unknown is the most powerful force you can have in your arsenal.

And this is because, within the unknown lies everything you’ll ever need… opportunity, inspiration, peace, time, focus, love; it’s powerful enough to cripple you from fear of never finding the path, but it’s also powerful enough to propel you into a world you could never have hoped to find or achieve if you’d not taken the leap…

So I guess it’s easy for me to say right?! I’m sorted, job done! No… I’m not sorted and my life could crumble around me tomorrow for any number of reasons, but I’ll tell you what I do know, having been broken and poor and ruined and shunned and sneered at and underestimated all my life, I know it will be o.k… because if worst comes to worst, there’s always an opportunity to live the unknown…


4 thoughts on “The Overnight Millionaire… A Tale of Rags, to Slightly Better Looking Rags… And the Unknown…

  1. Thanks for sharing this Thomas.
    As an emerging entrepreneur who has been through a fraction of what you described (quit job, failed to grow a business, started all over), it is really inspiring to know there are folks who have ridden the wave, and came out just fine.


    1. The secret is that you just don’t give up until the job is done… we are never really there as human beings we will never achieve everything in our mind but it’s the pursuit and the energy surrounding the want for change that will see us through.


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