When the going gets tough… I’m focused on the next phrase… You are the only Author, of the book of your life…

You know what… it’s been a tough few weeks of darkness for me, questioning myself, my own belief in me and how I push through another stint in turmoil…

But in the end, there’s really only one way to go.

I’ve spent 15 years trying to find that missing piece of me, times where i believed in my own legacy and times when I had no belief in anything that I was, or have become.

In many ways I’m more adaptable and decisive than I was, in other ways I still find stop gaps that hold back my mindset and keep me stuck in a loop of consideration, what is to become, what is success, what is my meaning of life… tough questions to ask yourself when your winds have changed in so many ways.

Standing now at the edge of the gun barrel, only this time I’m the bullet.

My focus now is more acute, I’ve given up waiting for the life raft and I’m swimming home, I’m swimming home faster than ever. Every ounce of my being it set upon my destination and I will do this, all be it alone.

There can be only one result in this game of endurance and I will be the victor.

Not more bullsh*t! If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

I’m the only one holding me back, no more time lapses, only fundamentals… Get up every day with renewed vigour and push for the present, not the end gain, I won’t be driven by my past or my future i will live in the now.

I’m not dead, I’m not debilitated and I’ve got limited excuse with my skill set at this point, for failing to deliver the future I want for my family.

“The world is dark with suffering, evil winds it’s wayward way, but brave men fight, for what is right and right will win the day!”



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