Burnt Out?


You know that lethargy that comes with over work… hmmmmmmmmm…….

I can barely begin to write a blog about it… I sometimes feel at the point of total burnout, operating so fast often 7 days a week – this is not cool…

It’s so difficult to process what to focus on some days.

Even now I find myself drifting off to consider how I define the road ahead, how I meet the glade; that break in the treeline, where you stare across the horizon…

I stare at my dogs from a table in the garden, rolling about together, wishing better for them, the trees and fields and endless boundaries to cross, when will that day come for them?

Is this within my grasp, should i refine what I’m doing still further and simplify my life, just to channel the energy?

Or should I push for the ultimate end gain, the greater of things… Harnessing everything I have mentally into ‘big change’ my ultimate goal being a foundation to fund and mentor entrepreneurs on ‘the spectrum’…

It seems the greater my dreams and ambitions evolve, the further I drift from my goals. Is this the vanity I chastise, or is this a culmination of all my knowledge and failure… I feel it’s the latter.

I didn’t get into running my own businesses because I knew everything would be easy, in fact it’s a miracle I’m still running my businesses, given the tribulations of recent years, but I will continue to adapt and shift nimbly as we evolve what we have created.

There’s a fervor now as I tap away and I see things more clearly.

I’m not sure what I need to do, but I am feeling more clarity, perhaps just enough of the clarity I need, to define the path to my own peace.



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