A World of Speed

Everything in life moves too fast…


You spend most of your young life wishing you were old and the latter part wishing the opposite.

My mind, in a nut shell, moves extremely fast and I often feel isolated from those who don’t fully understand or comprehend the depths of my thinking… that’s not because I feel godly or above anyone else, it’s just on the basis that I think about everything that happens in my life day to day and make decisions and take actions faster than average.

This sort of mentality is often the way of the entrepreneur, however, sometimes misguided.

That said, I’m not misguided, I’m considered, and my considered complexities make for a pretty interesting journey, but there’s never been a backer…

Working with bigger brands and companies over 15 years I’ve always felt they moved too slowly, too much red tape and restriction unnecessarily. The big boys, tend to mismanage the basics of business, led by people who’ve forgotten the role they used to play, or now embody the disconnect between them and the people they’re selling to.

I’ve a lot of respect for some of our UK leaders but it’s the ones who rely on the insights of the generations below them that really seem to be pushing forward. We see this mostly in industries like tech and finance because the guy who generates the most revenue, or innovates the technology is the most valuable to the company.

It’s not always the case in every industry, there’s often the mentality “that’s the way we’ve always done it” and many have come crippling down because of ignorance to change, or mindset shift.

The primary take how is, when’s it all going to change? When the last of the dinosaur business model’s pales into the ether, or when our culture shifts more towards trust…

The majority of this shift is based around trust, I get it, I had technology, but I’m quite adaptable to anything if someone shows me once, I just don’t gain huge pleasure in seeking out everything about my phone, as long as I can call and text, the apps are just a biproducts of an evolved society, but even now I’m culling them, because they just insight negativity.

One of my biggest failings is that I am relatively impatient, I can’t stand stagnating… If you have an idea, or the industry changes, then shift your model, but shift it today!! It’s not all about big budgets and vanity brand presence, it’s about changing culture. It’s about investing in some of the minds fast tracking your business…

I’m not your archetypal individual, even in the mental health space they often vet what I might dish out in a presentation, because I might be open about a disingenuous sponsor or upset the cycle of societal mentality/mundanity; the censorship when you start to get asked to do a keynote speech is often somewhat oppressive.

We should be embracing the truth about how we live and how our companies operate but we want to hide it in the deepest darkest corners of lip service…

It comes back to a point in one of my earlier blogs where I suggested that when you ask someone a question, how are you etc. be willing to accept the full response and better yet, actually care about the response… I had a laugh with a colleague yesterday because I explained my views on the falsified greeting. When I say hello, I will genuinely care about our interaction… and so many of us don’t operate that way anymore. We used to be a nation of people who’d poke their nose over the fence and chat for hours and we’ve found our way towards isolation.

Now too busy buried in our mobile devices to open our eyes, natural selection will soon take its course as people are run down by traffic, as they amble aimlessly into the road for the sake of a ‘gif’ or a ‘meem’.

Wake up!!

Carpe diem!!

Go out there and give a sh*t about eachother! Care when you chat to your colleagues… remember their stakes in life are as great as yours.

Remember that of our average 80 years on the planet, after sleep and work and the torture of the day to day, you actually only have 9 years spare to live your life… so get living and add some value to others along the way… you just might find you change some lives in the process.

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