This Is My Story – 11th October 2017

Through my London and local Mental Health Awareness work, I have been asked to go and speak at an event that’s really important to me personally.

The event is called ‘This Is My Story’ and will be an evening focussed on well known figures in their own right, sharing their story and helping people understand that it’s OK to feel what we feel day to day. At the London event I attended in the same vein we had stories from the Chairman of Debenhams Sir Ian Cheshire and the fantastic ‘Ad Man’ Robin Wight.

The event is free and will be held on the 11th October at The University of Surrey, technically where my journey all began…

Please take a look at the link to the event flier I’ve attached below and you are more than welcome to sign up using the IoD eventbrite ticket link here. Again this is a free event, only because we want to encourage people to come and see what we’re doing…. I promise my moment won’t be dull by any stretch! Anyone in business or otherwise who feels alone or depressed or anxious is welcome to come along.

To see the full event flier please follow my link below and really do try and get your friends and people you feel might benefit to share this evening with us.

This Is My Story Final

This is my story image

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