Head Talks Initiative

Working in an initiative called Head Talks, alongside the likes of Alastair Campbell, Jane Horrocks, Bruce Parry and Geoff McDonald (ex-Global VP of HR at Unilever), I have recently been asked to record some of my story…

My hope is that in seeing this video you will gain an insight into what some of us face day to day. Please do share this with anyone you feel may benefit, the reason I do this is because I see so many responses to the blog where people have been set free by reading some of what I’ve written and I want to affect a change or a light-bulb for any of those still suffering in the dark where I began my journey…

Just click on the picture below to see the video, its clever all this technology lark! – For CEO’s, Managing Directors & Business Owners this video is a must!

To learn more about Head Talks or offer your support please contact Oliver Chittenden – oliver@londonspeakerbureau.com

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