Getting a grip…

Ok, so, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve never ‘blogged’ before…

In fact, before a couple of days ago I never really understood the point!

However, as a 31 year old chap, still working on the dynamics of being a successful entrepreneur, I thought that it may be good to try and let off a bit of steam, even if no one is listening…

So I set up this rather rudimentary blog to get the ball rolling, and yes, I do have a form of bipolar disorder, that’s not just a clever ‘on-trend’ title I set about, to earn brownie points with the dribbling on-line masses.

My focus in writing this blog is to try and find some semblance of order in the day to day.

It’s safe to say that running your own business, or businesses, is a difficult thing… Throw a mental health disorder into the mix and you really are in for a treat, because it certainly doesn’t get any easier.

The blog will fundamentally be an effort to find a form of normality in my own mind. To try and release some of the angst that builds up in my head, as I deal with certain issues that perhaps I’d not have ever talked about had I not set up this ‘safe zone’.

I’m not looking for credibility or for people to understand and agree with my perception of the world, it’s just that I sometimes feel lost, dark and saddened by the state of things… Is there a path out of the darkness?

Perhaps if I set something to paper, albeit virtually, then I may be able to evolve and reduce that anxiety I feel every day… who knows, but it can’t do any harm.

If your interested in mental health or you personally suffer from a mental health disorder, then I’d love you to read this! If in any way this makes you feel you’re not alone, like there’s someone out there facing the same demons, or trying to stop themselves from hurting, then I welcome you.

I don’t know which way this is going to go, I don’t know if I’ll always find myself lucid enough to make sense, I don’t know if people will follow, or if they do, will find this disturbing or fulfilling…

What I do know is that this blog is about what I go through mentally every day, I will try to make some sense of it…

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